Jolly Genre Jubilee Blog Tag

Greetings again everyone!

A few weeks ago, the lovely Lauryn Trimmer of Pro Story Builders nominated me for the Jolly Genre Jubilee Blog Tag. Let’s dive right in, shall we?

The Rules

I do not know how to insert gifs, so sadly our pelican is stationary. 😦 He’s still majestic though! πŸ™‚

The Questions

What’s your favorite genre to write?

I definitely prefer to write speculative genres- fantasy, paranormal/supernatural, anything with magic or some sort of twist on reality. Stuff like that has always fascinated and captivated me, and I love to give my imagination free reign.

What genre would you never get caught writing?

Hmm… This is tricky, because there are so many genres that I DO want to try writing. However, I will say that I have no desire whatsoever to write anything “X-rated” or excessively gory.

What fictional genre feels like home?

Fairy-tale-esque/folkloric fantasy. I grew up on stories of whimsical mythic creatures in picturesque settings, so stuff like that always takes me back to my childhood.

A tree from my front yard. When I was little, I thought fairies lived in it

If you could live in any genre, which would you choose?

Definitely something fantasy related. I’d probably choose the sort where magic exists in this world, hidden, but still there, because as much as I would LOVE to visit all the fantasy realms I’ve read and written about, I do love all the real places I call home, and I would miss them if they weren’t part of my life. They have a realistic magic all their own, even without incorporating fantasy elements to them. Still, it would be fun to see fairies flitting around my backyard, or to have some sort of magic ability as I go through life, or to slip through a portal to a parallel dimension and return home whenever I so choose.

What genre does your real life resemble most at this moment?

Right now, I’m a plucky, dorky college student with a hectic schedule and a wacky assortment of friends, trying to get my degree, make some memories, and grow as a person in the process, so I feel like my life could best be defined as a coming of age comedy/drama. There’s humor, there are emotions, and things are never dull, even in the most seemingly dull moments.

What’s a genre that you’re interested in trying but haven’t yet?

Historical fiction and mystery/thriller. I enjoy both, but historical fiction requires research that I don’t always have time for, and mystery/thriller requires a level of cunning and cleverness that I’ve yet to hone. Hopefully one day I’ll get to try my hand at both and see how it goes. My plan is to write a couple “classic” historical fictions and mysteries, and then maybe try some genre mashing by writing a historical fantasy or a magic murder mystery. I think that would be fun.

What genre is your most recent plot bunny, and where did it come from?

Not gonna lie, I had to look up what “plot bunny” means. But, upon discovering that a plot bunny is “a story idea that gets stuck in your head and refuses to leave you alone until you write it”, I can safely say that my most recent plot bunny is a fantasy quest story that I came up with last January and have since decided to title Out of the Blue.

The idea came into my head one night as I mentally spouted off random, entertaining sentences to occupy my mind to while putting clothes away and preparing to shower. They were just goofy little lines, things that may or may not find their way into a book one day, but then one particular sentence hooked me, and I just had to elaborate on it and develop the narrator and his voice and demeanor and actions more, and from there I had to develop this humanoid species that went with it, and then I got thinking about what kind of situations might arise from all this, what adventures could take place. I asked myself how, why, and what if, until I had the basis for a novel. I dashed off the first scene that night, and since then, I’ve been building on it, creating characters, settings, scenes, and back story.

I’m still not sure of the best way to summarize this story, but in simplest terms, it’s “Rag tag team on a long distance quest to the ruins of an ancient fallen city. Half of them are in it for the treasure at the end, while the other half are more focused on saving the world.” I’m super attached to the characters and the concept, and it’s coming along quite well. The Lockbox still holds my top priority, but Out of the Blue is turning into a very prosperous side project indeed.

How many genres have you tried so far?

So far, I’ve tried my hand at various fantasy subgenres, paranormal and supernatural mysteries/adventure, and a little bit of realistic fiction. I’ve also recently been dabbling in poetry and memoir/creative nonfiction.

My Nominations

That’s it for today guys! Have a lovely week!

6 thoughts on “Jolly Genre Jubilee Blog Tag

  1. Emily, I would have to agree with you when you say that you would stick with the life you have since, although it’s not always perfect, it’s never dull. You pack your days with hours and minutes of fun, worthwhile, an interesting experiences! Love the fairy tree!

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