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Hello everyone! How are you? It’s been a while huh? The end of this semester was pretty busy for me, and I decided that I would spend my winter break relaxing as much as possible, so I haven’t really thought about blogging much (and I realize that I never got part 2 of that story out… be patient though. I WILL release it eventually).

However, the wonderful Joy Caroline just nominated me for a fun challenge: Blogmas Tag. It intrigued me, so, let’s get started.

The Rules:

1. Thank the person who tagged you and link to their post.

2. Put the rules after the introduction.

3. Answer the 12 questions.

4. Tag 12 people to do the tag. (Sadly I have no idea who to tag. I’m only aware of a few other blogs, and Joy already tagged most of them. So, Mom, if you want to respond on your blog, The Brightish Side, feel free when you get the chance. And if anyone wants to respond in the comments, please do!

5. Create all new questions of your own to ask the people you tag.

Now… on to the questions!

1. What would you say to Santa if you caught him sliding down your chimney?

I would ask him a question that has been on my mind for some time now:

If you’re real, but adults don’t believe in you, then where do they think all the extra gifts come from? Do you use some sort of memory altering magic or something? And if so, why?

(Ever since I was a child, I was baffled by adults in Christmas movies who scoffed at Santa even though he was very clearly real and active in their world. Seriously, you didn’t buy that toy for your child. How else do you think it got there?)

2. Which do you like better – snowmen or snow angels?

While I love snow angels, I really enjoy the elaborate process of building a snowman.

3. Would you rather have elves’ ears or Rudolph’s nose?

Elves’ ears.

Actually, my ears are a tad elf-like to begin with. They’re small, but they do have slight points to them.

4. What’s your favorite Christmas book?

I actually just started reading “A Christmas Carol” for the first time, and I quite like it.

There’s also this book that my mom read me when I was little. I think it’s called “The Christmas Light”. It’s about a city where everyone tries to give the best gift each Christmas. The winner ends up being the little boy who brought no material gift, however, he was the only one to stop and help the contest judge when he disguised himself as a poor, injured man outside the city walls. The message is really heartwarming.

5. Do you listen to Christmas music all year round?

Not usually, but certain songs and social situations warrant it.

6. Would you rather live in a gingerbread house or use candy canes as crutches?

Candy can crutches. I would be way too tempted to eat the gingerbread house. However, I’m not much of a mint person, so I would probably be safe with the candy canes.

7. Which do you like better – gingerbread cookies or sugar cookies?

Sugar cookies

8. Does it snow where you live, and if so, what’s your favorite snow activity?

It does, and I’ve always loved sledding!

9. Name one gift you bought for someone else this Christmas.

(Love you Sarah lol!)

…Okay… I’m a terrible friend for this… but…

A couple years ago a friend of mine accidentally backed into the side of my dad’s house and dented up the pellet stove exhaust pipe pretty good. So, when I saw this book, I couldn’t help but buy it for that particular friend.

10. What do you think would make a good stocking stuffer?

Candy, and lots of it!

11. Do any of you know if there really was a “little drummer boy”? (I’m curious!)

Honestly, I don’t know for sure, but I’ve always liked the idea of it. The beauty of a simple, immaterial gift and the way it embodies the nativity story as a whole: a baby destined to work miracles in God’s name is born in a barn. It’s a humble beginning that shows that all our notions of power and glory and what it should be are not nearly as important as things like hope, peace, love, wonder, and kindness, and the greatest things are not found in the common definition of “riches”.

I don’t know if the little drummer boy was real, but I love what he represents.

12. Which do you like better – hot chocolate or hot cider?

Hot chocolate, with copious amounts of whipped cream, and maybe even a dash of hazelnut coffee creamer (It’s like drinking Nutella!)… or any flavor coffee creamer really. It adds some fun additional flavor to an already delicious drink, and I highly recommend giving it a whirl if you haven’t done so already.

But I do enjoy hot cider as well.

Your turn now!

Like I said before, I don’t have twelve people to tag, but Mom, if you want to join in on your blog, you can, and you’re all welcome to participate in the comments. And since I’m already breaking the rules on the number of people I tag, I’m going to bend them and stick to seven questions. I can only think of that many right now, and I still have lots of Christmas movies to go watch before the holiday passes.

  1. What is something that you always look forward to this time of year?
  2. What is a holiday tradition unique to your family?
  3. If you could be a character in any Christmas movie, which would you pick?
  4. Similarly, if you could be in a music video for any Christmas song (or, if you’re musically inclined, do a cover of any song), what would it be?
  5. Would you rather have snow/ice powers or the ability to know the dreams/wishes of others and grant them?
  6. What immaterial gift do you hope to give everyone you encounter?
  7. What is your 2021 New Year’s resolution?

Enjoy, and whatever you’re celebrating this month- be it Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanza, the Solstice, the New Year, National Flashlight Day (it’s a thing), anything- I hope it’s the best.

5 thoughts on “Blogmas Tag

  1. Yay! Thank you so much for doing the tag! I loved reading your answers, especially your thoughts on the little drummer boy. And that car book you gave your friend is honestly hilarious!
    Now I want to answer your questions, so:
    1. Deck the Halls – I talked about that on my Blogmas post. It’s a super fun day at my school when we meet with public school kids, take them around our decorated campus, and teach them the Christmas story. (Sadly social distancing interfered with that tradition this time around.)
    2. My family doesn’t really have any holiday traditions, lol. We are big on summer activities, but winter isn’t really our thing. We do watch at least a billion Hallmark Christmas movies right now, though.
    3. I know this is probably a weird choice, but I feel like I’d want to be The Grinch. I just really wanna know why exactly did he hate Christmas so much. What’s his motivation? (That just might be my author-prone longing to know the antagonist’s point of view, lol.)
    4. Sadly, I am not at all musically inclined, although I do love music. I have to say I would love to be in Mariah Carey’s All I Want for Christmas is You music video!
    5. Ability to grant wishes! I do not trust myself with magical powers. I would probably end up like Elsa and turn my whole world into ice. (Not good.) Besides, if I could grant wishes, I could make so many people happy!
    6. What I really want more than anything is to move people through my writing. Even if I can’t stand right beside them, if they hold my book in their hands and feel touched by my words, my prayers would be right there with them. (Please let that happen someday… *hoping)
    7. 2021 New Year’s resolution would have to be to COMMIT to the novel I am working on. I love it and really want it to be my debut novel, but sometimes it just gets SO HARD that I almost want to give up and work on a shiny new idea. (Which I need to remember would only be shiny and new for a little while.)
    Great questions! Thanks again for doing the tag!! *virtual high five


    1. *virtual high five back*
      Thank you for answering, and thank you for tagging me! I wish you the happiest of Christmases, and in regards to your New Year’s resolution, you’ve got this! Writing is a long and difficult journey, but it will pay off in the end. It will! When the going gets tough, just find little ways to remind yourself of why you love your project and why you want to complete it. And if you need to take one day off to toy with some shiny new idea to refresh your brain, then that’s perfectly fine, as long as you’re committed to returning to your main goal.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you! Merry Christmas to you, too! And thanks for the advice. I like the idea of using shiny new ideas as a sort of treat!


  2. Great answers! I would ask Santa the same question! XD And I really need to say this: do you wanna build a snowman? 😂 I love sugar cookies and hot chocolate too!!!!!!!
    I’m gonna answer your question #5 if that’s okay: I would rather have ice powers. If I did have ice powers I could give people snow days and anything else that involves ice.😁


    1. Lol I appreciate the “do you wanna build a snowman” comment. Since Frozen came out it’s been hard to think about the actual activity of building snowmen without mentally singing that song.
      And ice powers do sound fun indeed. Who couldn’t use a good snowday?

      Liked by 1 person

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