Emily Elizabeth Teixeira

The journey of a thousand pages begins with a single word, and so shall I.

Bonjour fellow humans! I’m Emily, a quirky bookworm college student from Connecticut with big dreams of emerging triumphant from the battlefield that is the publishing industry. I write for kids and teens, specializing in fantasy, paranormal, and realistic fiction. I’m an amateur videographer, I dance like a car dealership inflatable at parties, and I chew way too much gum. I write for my school’s newspaper and literary journal, as well as Middlebury Connections magazine.

  • Escaping the Blogosphere Stop 5

    January 28, 2021 by

    Hello everyone! For those of you who were already traversing this virtual scavenger hunt, welcome! You have made it to the fifth stop, and I extend congratulations to you on this noble quest! For those of you just joining us, allow me to provide some context: Issabelle of Teen Writers’ Nook invited me to take… Read more

  • My Writing Progress: An Update

    January 27, 2021 by

    Hello everyone! The other day I started my sophomore spring semester, and so far I’m really excited about it. It’s nice to be back on campus, to see all of my friends again, and I’m taking a lot of really fun classes: Story Idea Development (I’m literally getting college credit to brainstorm and pitch story… Read more

  • Writing Community Blog Award

    January 7, 2021 by

    Happy New Year everyone!!!! Welcome to 2021! So, recently I have had the honor to be nominated in another blog tag event: the Writing Community Award. The lovely Issabelle of Teen Writer’s Nook nominated me a few days ago, so, here we go! The Rules: 1. Display the award logo on your site. 2. Link back to… Read more

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Welcome to the wonderfully weird world of this aspiring author!

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