Emily Elizabeth Teixeira

The journey of a thousand pages begins with a single word, and so shall I.

Bonjour fellow humans! I’m Emily, a quirky bookworm college student from Connecticut with big dreams of emerging triumphant from the battlefield that is the publishing industry. I write for kids and teens, specializing in fantasy, paranormal, and realistic fiction. If I could spend all day every day sitting outside, I would. I dance like a car dealership inflatable at parties, and I chew way too much gum. I write for my school’s newspaper and literary journal, as well as Middlebury Connections magazine.

  • End of Summer Recap

    September 12, 2021 by

    Hey guys! Once again, I have come back from the dead to post here. I kept thinking that I would post more over the summer since I had more free time, but I ultimately decided to relax and soak up that free time as much as possible before it ran out. But I’ll be making… Read more

  • Another Lockbox Update, Plus Some Fun Summer Plans

    July 7, 2021 by

    Hey guys! I really do disappear a lot, don’t I? I could say I’ve been busy, but really, I’ve just been relaxing and soaking up a summer of doing nothing after a school year of doing so many things. I’ve gotten a lot of writing done, quite a bit of reading, and a few other… Read more

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Welcome to the wonderfully weird world of this aspiring author!

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